Wednesday, August 07, 2013


State of Decay was a Joint Hassles & Helen Hughes collaboration in 2011 at Chapman & Bailey Gallery. Here are some pictures of the show. Sorry for their lateness. More to come soon. 

From left to right- Luke Holland, Marco Fusinato, Blake Hesketh, Harriet K Morgan, Mark Groves 
 Mark Groves, Luke Holland, Harriet K Morgan and Simon Taylor
 Harriet K Morgan, Simon Taylor
Mark Groves, Luke Holland 
 John Nixon (wall), Helen Hughes, Harriet K Morgan, Simon Taylor (table)
 Luke Holland, Alex Vivian and Stewart Cole
 Alex Vivian, Stewart Cole, Harriet K Morgan, Luke Holland and Marco Fusinato
 Alex Vivian, Stewart Cole
 Luke Holland 
 Thomas Miller, Christopher LG Hill and Luke Holland 
 John Nixon (wall)
 Luke Holland, Marco Fusinato, Blake Hesketh and Harriet K Morgan

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