Tuesday, July 21, 2009


In your own room, posters fill a lack and at the same time create an identity. The lack is an idea but its not one I carry out or relate to. Some people tend to be fine with having nothing on the walls (which by the way is fine, it’s just not me etc). Wall adorning is one of the actions you can be involved in, amongst other ideas like representative t-shirt and patch wearing. Posters are less of this idea but in a room- they are central. Creating an identity or a representation through actual things is in itself a creation and the process doubles over. The idea is executed by the artist, say a band, someone who created a symbol, a motorcycle company, a naked woman - and then this idea is taken into a different sphere by someone- a fan or friend or anyone who recognises. I don't really have to explain posters to everyone but it is always good to clarify I guess.

The posters in this show touch on this idea in differing ways, as in I now have a different representation of these people than the one I may have had before due to the differing media Ideas are filtered through black and white and then into different aspects of their practice, music and designs. Finally, the restrictions of the paper further unite them into the generic world of a bedroom poster.  In my experience posters look good anywhere and at any stage of their deteriorating career and they look especially good in a house. Since I had to move out of my parents’ house and become real (:)) I have been noticing more and more the idealness of a house gallery, (reminiscent of Dudespace).  You get up and you’re at work. It’s so human and at the same time its really alien and awkward because a line is blurred.

Through doing these two shows I have seen the importance of having a space. However I also think that this Dudespace idea has been reinstated or rediscovered as something representational of Joint Hassles’ ideas. If those ideas implied by me are ones of a punk attitude, or of making ends meet, then having a show in a house couldn’t be closer to them. The old space (and space in general) had so much to do with the presentation of work and the subsequent thoughts gathered from looking at it, but in this case, now, ideas are inferred even before the show has started. We have always dealt with what we have and the means available and this is the most literal we have ever been.


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so you tell me said...

I didn't rad more than 8 r nine words, but I totlally agree about posters, they are so cool, the best. I love thim like I 've leant how to love, the best the first itme, the ready access to the axis of desire, oh she was so hot. Caludia how I guessed.